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Beat the back to school blues

Beat the back to school blues

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School has been back for a few weeks now. And with it a change of seasons, fresh stationery, new routines and busier schedules. But bidding farewell to those balmy summer days and long, glorious evenings is always a bit sad. So we’ve gathered together some of our best tips and favorite ways to celebrate this new season, from simplifying your mornings to creating an autumn bucket list. 

Get organized 

There’s no denying a little organization goes a long way. And there are few easy ways to make your back-to-school life and busier mornings more streamlined. Prepping lunch box bits at the start of the week makes pulling them all together the night before much easier. Decanting nuts and raisins or popcorn into smaller containers, whipping up a batch of muffins or just doing a stock-up shop on the weekend will prevent any lunch-related chaos in the morning. Another one of our favorite organization hacks is to lay out clothes the night before. Your clothes too! There’ll be no racing around trying to find matching socks when you’re meant to be heading out the door. The same goes for packing bags the night before and we’d even go so far as to encourage sports bags getting packed on Sunday evenings. The less you have to think about during the week the better! 


Lunch box surprises

Here’s a sweet way you can let your little ones know you are thinking of them during the day – pop a handwritten note into their lunch boxes. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, just a little ‘we love you!’ or ‘we think you’re so brave!’ can give them the boost they need to get through the rest of the day. 

Get back into a routine 

Looser schedules and laid-back routines are what summer days are all about. But now it’s time to get into the swing of things with your new school schedule. Children thrive off routine so the sooner you can get settled into one the better. The quickest way to do this? Do the same things at the same time every day, where possible, of course. Little ones like things to be predictable and find safety in repetition. Plus, the more everyone knows what's going to happen and when the easier it will be for you.   

Create an autumn bucket list

The new school year brings with it a change of seasons as long summer days turn into golden, autumnal evenings. And with that comes many wonderful things to do – from apple picking and pumpkin carving to bonfire nights, fireworks and crisp family bike rides. Gather everyone together and draw up your own wish list of ways to celebrate and have fun this season. 

 Little celebrations

Nothing gets rid of the Sunday night jitters like something to look forward to on Monday morning. Why not start a Monday pancake breakfast tradition? You can whip them up the night before and keep them in the fridge ready to go. We love this recipe. 

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