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from germany to around the world

Sam Brückner

British mum of two Samantha Brückner was searching high + low for a stylish playmat for her baby. This led her on the journey to develop Toddlekind´s prettier playmats in early 2018.

“The TK range has been designed to bring style & serenity back into
your interior”

I founded Toddlekind when my youngest daughter started to crawl. We had just built our own home, and whilst looking for a rug to protect her head from daily tumbles, it occurred to me how unpractical a rug would be with her constantly spitting up. A wipe-clean playmat seemed like the perfect solution, but I couldn´t find anything stylish that I wanted to put in my new, modern home. This set me on a journey to develop a range of playmats made for children, but designed for parents like you and me. Since our launch, families like yours have discovered the benefits of our versatile mats, which offer a unique combination of stylish design, comfort, and practicality. Four years on, we have expanded our range and are now present in 46 countries worldwide. Thanks for stopping by.

Sam xx

Toddlekind is driven by a belief that childhood should be cherished and playtime should be fun – without having to compromise on interior design. Toddlekind creates children’s interior design products for use on the floor that are both functional and beautiful.

“The TK range has been designed to bring style and serenity back into your home”

Toddlekind is driven by a belief that childhood should be cherished + playtime should be fun -without having to compromise on interior design

Toddlekind has a dual nationality name, just like our half German, half British family. Toddle describes how a small child walks, and comes from the word "Toddler" meaning small child. "Kind" is the German word for child. So to German ears it means and sounds one way and to English ears another. That´s how it is in our household on a daily basis.


We believe that anything is possible if you have the right mindset. Our belief in our products is the driving force behind a small town brand that became a global player in three short years. We continue to expand our vision and embrace all the challenges that may come.


To create beautiful children's flooring and interior solutions that elevate your interior, whilst offering comfort and safety for your little ones. All our products are made for children but designed for you.


"Be the change you want to see in the world" - This is the ethos that drives our business practice. It is reflected in everything we do, from how we treat our suppliers and respect our co-workers to ensuring we give back to the global community by supporting charities