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Baby-proofing your house without losing your style

Baby-proofing your house without losing your style

Creating a safe environment for your little one is of paramount importance

As parents, we want our homes to be secure without compromising on our style. And yet, the potential to fall - trip, bump or tumble - is amongst the many potential hazards for our little ones.

When Samantha Bruckner couldn't find a protective, safe, and stylish play mat to suit her family's needs, she founded Toddlekind. With children spending the majority of their time on the floor, Sam saw a need for a premium children’s brand focused on floor mats.



Prettier Puzzle Playmat, Linear (Linen)

Play mats provide a safe, clean place for you to put your little one.

After their cot or pram, the safest place to put your baby is on the floor. Putting a play mat on the floor allows your child to settle down comfortably at any age.

To begin with, when you put your baby on the floor they will stay put, and won’t move. But as they grow - and learn to roll, crawl, sit up, and eventually walk - keeping them safe from daily tumbles is vital, especially since most of us do not have carpet in every room.

| Ideally, children's play mats should be quick and easy to lay out, clean, and pack away.

High-risk areas in the home

  • BUMPS & KNOCKS: stairs, slippery floors, windows, furniture (including tipping furniture)
  • WATER: kitchen, bathroom, swimming pools or hot tubs
  • HEAT (OR FLAMES): kitchen, fireplace, or barbecue/grill
  • TOXIC SUBSTANCES: cleaning products, medication, handbags, garage or shed

Let's take a look at how to find a perfect balance between style, functionality and most importantly safety, that will allow you to balance functionality and style in your baby-proofing efforts.

Embrace soft furnishings

Soft furnishings add style while minimizing potential hazards like sharp corners. Opt for plush, non-slip mats like Toddlekind’s Prettier Puzzle Playmat and organic toppers. Look for stylish easy-to-wash or wipe clean from spills and messes.

By incorporating soft textiles, you can enhance the overall comfort of your space while making it safer for your little explorer.

Toddlekind’s Quilted Cotton Reversible Playmat. Featured in Striped Stone.

| When it comes to babies and the floor, Toddlekind have you covered.  

Thoughtful Furniture Placement

Strategic furniture placement can make a significant difference in creating a baby-friendly space. Consider rearranging furniture to create clear pathways for your child to move around safely.

Keep heavy or fragile items out of reach, and arrange furniture to encourage exploration and play. Balancing functionality and safety creates an independent and safe environment.

You can also place your foam play mat next to or underneath furniture, which is difficult to prevent little ones from climbing, like the sofa.  

Furniture Tip-Overs

Unsecured furniture, such as bookshelves, dressers, or TV
stands, can pose a tip-over hazard for children. One of the worst culprits can
be drawers when too many drawers are opened at the same time.

Secure heavy furniture to the wall using anchors or brackets
to prevent accidents. Most of the time they are behind the furniture so you
won’t see them.

The Art of Containment

Cleaning products, detergents, chemicals, and medications - over-the-counter and prescription drugs - all need to be kept out of reach. Child-resistant does not make it 100% safe, so it's important to store these securely and out of reach. 

Storage provides ample space for your child’s toys and essentials and also adds aesthetic appeal to your home. More importantly, it can keep dangerous items together, and out of sight when you don't have storage with a door to hide things away. 

Look for baskets and boxes with stylish patterns or designs that complement your existing decor. These functional pieces will not only keep clutter at bay but also serve as a fashionable addition to your interior. Remember to keep them up high, and out of reach.

Toddlekind’s beautiful, organic baskets, with pom-pom detail, complement the foam and cotton play mats.

Read more about The Art of Containment, and alternative uses for the TK organic canvas storage basket.

Safety & Compliance

On the topic of chemicals, and safety, something worth keeping in mind is chemicals and toxins used to make products in your home.

Understanding what products are made of, and how they are safety tested offers added peace of mind. Check out our blogs on testing & compliance for children's playmats and How play mat materials are made.

Creating a safe environment for your little one is of paramount importance. Regularly reassess your surroundings as your child grows and becomes more mobile to ensure ongoing peace of mind and safety for your little one.

How have you used your Toddlekind play mat to help baby-proof your home?

Let us know in the comments


Images in order of appearance: Cover image: Prettier Puzzle Playmat, Linear (Camel) 

1. Premium Foam Playmat, Linear (Linen) 

2.  Quilted Cotton Reversible Playmat (Stone)

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