Enhancing Tomorrow with Innovative Materials.

At Toddlekind, we blend cutting-edge materials with the highest testing standards to deliver premium playmats, ensuring a solid foundation during the crucial years of child development.

Enhanced Materials


Almost all of our cotton is made of 100% organic cotton and our fillings are 100% polyester. Organic cotton is made without pesticides when growing it and use 5x less water than conventional cotton. By making this switch, this enables us to actively reduce our carbon footprint 


Peta Approved Vegan demands 0% animal ingredients. Toddlekind products comply, using no leather, fur, wool, down, or silk—showcasing their unwavering commitment to cruelty-free materials, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.


All of our puzzle playmats are created with a clean biological additive that means when our playmats reach the end of their life cycle, they will experience accelerated bio-degradation. This means they will have a smaller footprint on the planet and won’t be there in centuries like other playmat brands.


FSC, or "Forest Stewardship Council," certifies sustainable forest management worldwide. It ensures eco-friendly and socially responsible practices, safeguarding forests for the future. The majority of our packaging bears the FSC symbol, with a goal to achieve full FSC certification for all packaging by 2025.

Paying it Forward

In addition to being mindful about our manufacturing process and materials, we also take social corporate responsibility seriously. That’s why we donate to:


We give a percentage of our net profit to One Day via the initiative One Day Hero, a global movement by One Day to save children in Africa from neglect and abuse through rescue, rehabilitation, therapy and education


We have contributed to planting over 25,000 trees in northwest Madagascar + Tanzania through Tree Nation. In addition to planting trees for each purchase, we also plant trees to offset our carbon footprint from our website and team 

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