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Having a baby is a huge life-changer. That’s no secret.

My whole life turned upside down when our angel joined us last year.

My work schedule changed, my diet changed, my sleeping patterns changed, my relationships with friends changed - even my perspective on life changed.

But that was all expected. I knew life would change in massive ways - and even if it has been crazy and exhausting, I wouldn’t trade any of it - except for one thing that I was not prepared for (even though I tried everything I could to prepare for it).

The mess, clutter, and just the overall unsightliness that all of the baby products brought into my home.

Okay, the mess and clutter - there wasn’t much chance in avoiding that. Even if I am a clean-freak...and an optimist...and someone who plans ahead for everything - trying to predict the messes that a child will make is like trying to predict the winning lottery numbers.

What I didn’t really expect was how unappealing and ugly all of the baby mats and similar baby supplies that were on the market were.

I’m pretty OCD about everything that comes into my home. I’ve spent countless hours designing and redesigning my house - and I guess I just didn’t really think about how that would all change when the baby came.

(“Who cares,” is what my husband says. “I CARE,” I yell back at him. Then we don’t talk for a while.)

I was a bit distraught, but I guess that's just the bullet that has to be bitten.



A couple months later, I saw an influencer-fellow-mother on Instagram who did a little personal vlog of her house and how being a new mother had changed her life.

The first thing I immediately noticed - the interior of her house was absolutely stunning. None of the tacky playmats and neon colored rugs that I had resigned to in my own house.

How was this possible?!

I sent her a message, praying that she would reply, and my prayers were answered.

That’s how I found out about Toddlekind.

Toddlekind is an amazing lifestyle brand that creates children’s interior design products for use on the floor that are both functional and beautiful.

I went on the website and couldn’t believe how elegant all of their playmats were.

They had a big selection of beautifully colored mats from both natural Earth colors and contemporary Nordic designs. I ended up choosing the simple yet chic Pebble playmat from the Nordic family of design that accented the colors of our home perfectly.

Before I ordered, I did some research and found that their playmats were completely non-toxic and made of premium quality EVA foam and were rigorously tested by the EU Toy Directive to make sure they were completely safe for children. (It was a nice little bonus that they weren’t made in China, too).

It arrived at my home quickly and I was not let down at all.

I ordered the large size (6x8) and was able to easily assemble it in our family room. The material was nice to the touch and it was absolutely stunning. You can even arrange the squares into a variety of designs to fit your house.

The mat is super easy to wipe down and clean - no need to do laundry every time there is an accident. The material is plush-y and thick - perfect for little kids to play on, and easy on my knees when I’m playing with my daughter too.

My little girl loves her new prettier play mat and so do I.

No more eyesore playmats and gross-looking neon-colored rugs in my apartment! I don’t think I’ve ever had more joy in throwing something into the trash before.

As parents, we have to sacrifice a lot of things for our children, but thankfully, thanks to Toddlekind, style isn’t one of them. My baby can now play safely in a beautiful and elegant space, without having to compromise style.

Toddlekind saved my slightly OCD self from going crazy, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

If you have a baby or a small child, I 100% recommend getting a prettier playmat from Toddlekind.