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Giving Back


Toddlekind believes the key to improved living for all, and the salvation of our planet starts with the children. If they are suffering today, what chance do we have of solving the problems of tomorrow?

The change we want to see in the world is for our children, and our children’s children. So, for every purchase made we plant a tree because we believe our planet is not ours. It belongs to the children and that's why we invest in the future of our planet.

We also partner with ONE DAY under a new initiative #onedayhero, to protect the world’s most vulnerable children in Africa. Through rehabilitation, therapy and education, we work to break this cycle.

In a world where every child is cherished and loved, we might not need to save the planet after all.

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One per-cent net profits for One Day.

1 PURCHASE = 1 PLANT, Eden Projects, Madagascar

Toddlekind have planted over 5000 trees in northwest Madagascar with Tree Nation.

With every purchase you make, you plant a tree in this rainforest where trees have been lost due to deforestation.

Not only does this reduce poverty but restores wildlife habitats in Madagascar.

Learn more about the Eden Project here

One day Hero is a global movement by One Day to save children in Africa from neglect and abuse through rescue, rehabilitation, therapy and education.

Toddlekind donate 1% of net profit to this amazing movement and work to raise awareness for these voiceless children.

Every time you purchase from Toddlekind you directly contribute to changing these innocent young lives for the better.

One Day’s founder Saskia is from Aschaffenburg in Germany, and has devoted her life to helping these children and young women. We have vetted the charity and stand fully behind them.

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