Parenting can sometimes make you feel like you’ve lost yourself. With Toddlekind, we make sure children are safe in a beautiful environment, allowing you to embrace the challenges of parenthood in a place you love.

Playmats that Elevate Your Interior

It all started when my youngest started crawling and I was terrified of her precious head meeting our hardwood floors. Rugs that needed to be laundered didn't make a lot of sense. This led me on the hunt for a beautiful playmat which didn’t exist and Toddlekind was born.

The Prettier Playmat

Our signature product was born out of a need for protective and stylish playmat made with non-toxic materials. After a long search, and consulting with a professor of toxology at a university, we decided that premium quality EVA form was the best choice. We found an excellent supplier in Taiwan who opened a new factory to focus on bringing our vision to life.


We’re a German and British family and Toddlekind is a mix of “toddler” and “kind” which means child in German. So it’s the perfect blend of words that reflect our family.

Our Journey

After a year developing the product, we launched our signature product The Prettier Playmat in November 2018. Since then we have expanded our product line and we are now in over 50 countries worldwide and continue to grow. 

Our Materials


Almost all of our cotton is made of 100% organic cotton and our fillings are 100% polyester. Organic cotton is made without pesticides when growing it and use 5x less water than conventional cotton. By making this switch, this enables us to actively reduce our carbon footprint 


Peta Approved Vegan demands 0% animal ingredients. Toddlekind products comply, using no leather, fur, wool, down, or silk—showcasing their unwavering commitment to cruelty-free materials, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.


Our EVA puzzle playmats are made from partially recycled materials. In addition, they contain a non-toxic, organic additive that is proven to significantly reduce the biodegradability rate. That means they degrade in years, instead of centuries.


FSC, or "Forest Stewardship Council," certifies sustainable forest management worldwide. It ensures eco-friendly and socially responsible practices, safeguarding forests for the future. The majority of our packaging bears the FSC symbol, with a goal to achieve full FSC certification for all packaging by 2023.


We give a percentage of our net profit to One Day via the initiative One Day Hero, a global movement by One Day to save children in Africa from neglect and abuse through rescue, rehabilitation, therapy and education 


We have contributed to planting over 25,000 trees in northwest Madagascar + Tanzania through Tree Nation. In addition to planting trees for each purchase, we also plant trees to offset our carbon footprint from our website and team